Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill

New album Race for the Sun out now

"A terrific ten-track trek through traditional peaks and valleys of melody...

...beautiful blend of old-school airs and upbeat toe-tappers...

...subtlety and nuance carry both the day and the tunes, reminding listeners that less can be more, and that music lives in the spaces between the notes."


Some things come round again.

Bob first met Gillian when the world was young - well, in the early 2000s - when they played some shows in the South Island.  They were a popular duo, with an obvious musical connection, but couldn't be bothered doing anything about it.  They bumped into each other a few times over the years, but managed to avoid playing a single note, finally regrouping in 2016 when they found themselves living on the same landmass less than an hour's drive apart. Conditions were perfect; they both now had complicated lives and were far too busy with other projects to be able to focus on a new duo. 

The old musical connection was still there and they immediately decided to quickly record and release an album; Race for the Sun will be out in late 2019, having taken less than 3 years to get onto.  During this time they toured New Zealand twice and played festivals in NZ and Australia.  In October and November 2019, they took Race for the Sun out on the road, embarking on a tour of Canada, New England and Oregon, bookended by appearances at Celtic Colours in Nova Scotia and Yachats Celtic Music festival in Oregon.


Gillian and Bob at Celtic Colours 2019

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